Lost Hairdressers is a creative workspace for the hairdresser, and a destination for a unique type of client. Harkening back to the early days of Vidal Sassoon, where hair was tailored to the client. We stand proudly in contrast of the homogeneous norm. We, as a company aid in bridging the gap between the fashion industry and the salon. An often overlooked relationship. We are not here to do whats been done, we are here to push you forward. Forward, to the best version of you. Tailored, wearable, fashion forward hair.




Reese Ewing has 20 years of experience in color education and theory. The former lead colorist and strategic educational planner for Bumble and Bumble, Reese continues to stay on top of today’s trends and pushes the level of excellence within our industry. 

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Cancellations accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled service. Within 24 hours of the service, cancellations will be charged 100% of the scheduled cost.

Lost Hairdressers

2402 Victory Park Lane, Dallas, Texas 75219, United States

(214) 871-2771